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Cebu Epicurean Delights

July 20, 2013 / Cebu – Cebuanos were in for a scrumptious treat as sophisticated Italian dishes made simple with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances were prepared and served last July 20, 2013. This was the first of the Epicurean Delights cooking demo series where notable culinary enthusiasts and figures are invited to cook and share delectable recipes that highlight their passion for food. Sub-Zero and Wolf’s goal is to inspire fellow lovers of cooking and the kitchen– from novice foodies to experienced cooks.
The first Epicurean Delights demo featured Chef Patrick McCarthy from the esteemed Tavolata restaurant– a casual yet posh gathering place in Cebu inspired by the authentic Italian trattoria experience that highlights the joy of eating good food amidst good company. It takes pride in its 100% handcrafted menu using only the finest ingredients. Everything is fresh, like their pasta made from scratch daily using semolina from Italy. The Tavolata restaurant is part of the Abacá Group that provides high-end dining experiences in Cebu City.
With an impressive guest chef present, the cooking demo participants enthusiastically looked forward to learning the exciting menu to be featured– Tomato Bruschetta, Chicken Liver Bruschetta, Spicy Steamed Clams, Pizza Con Proscuitto Cotto e Brie, Seafood Pasta, Whole Roasted Seabass, and Budino Di Cioccolato.
Chef Patrick made an impressive start with the first mouth-watering dish he served – Tomato and Chicken Liver Bruschetta. Baked to perfection, his appetizers filled the showroom with an enticing aroma and guests experienced just the right amount of crunch with their savory starters. Using the Wolf Bakestone function, the Pizza Con Proscuitto Cotto e Brie was prepared next. With effortless ease, Chef Patrick finished baking in just 3 minutes! Wolf’s Bakestone accessory makes brick-oven cooking possible at home, getting the job done without the nuisance of smoke.
Other gastronomic dishes such as Spicy Steamed Clams, Seafood Pasta, and Whole Roasted Seabass were simultaneously prepared. The pasta was cooked al dente and was kept warm inside the Wolf steamer without dehydrating while the fresh seafood was cooked at just the right amount of heat with Wolf’s precision cooking technology.  
The event finished with Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cream served for dessert. Wolf Induction Cooktop’s True Melt function was seen in action as the caramel was melted, left unstirred, and kept warm, without burning.
Want to learn more tips and recipes? Join us in our next cooking demo to be held soon at a Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. Please call +632 8634 8587 loc.409 for more details.


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