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Middle Eastern Eats

August 17, 2013 – Middle Eastern cooking is known for its wonderful array of vibrant dishes in different colors, textures, spices, and seasonings. Corporate Chef Gio Besa prepared some of these classic appetizers, entrées, and dessert staples at Sub-Zero and Wolf’s Middle Eastern Eats cooking demo held last August 17, 2013. This exotic cuisine may seem complex for home cooking, but Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances help deliver professional results every time. Participants learned a lot about the essential Middle Eastern ingredients and the cooking techniques needed for this cuisine, it might just kick their takeout habit for good!
An enticing aroma filled the air as various spices were used to prepare quick and delicious appetizers. Baba Ghanoush, a Levantine dish made mainly of mashed eggplant was baked to create that perfect smoky taste using the Wolf Convection Roast mode. This was served with pita bread, the most popular bread in the Middle Eastern region. The deep fried Falafel Balls made of chickpeas did not disappoint either. It was both flavorful and healthy! Wolf technology offers outstanding control of temperature so you don’t have to worry about rapid burning.
For the main entrée, Beef Kofta Kebabs were served over Biryani Rice. The richness and color of the rice came from its flavorful seasonings which were simultaneously sauteed in ghee butter using the Wolf Cooktop’s True Melt function. This feature made long cooking and heating periods possible, without burning even the most sensitive ingredients like butter. The Beef Kofta Kebabs on the other hand were baked perfectly tender using the Wolf Oven.
To cap off the cooking demonstration, Mughli with Cream and Pistachio dessert was served, adding to that festive vibe! These were chilled inside a Sub-Zero Refrigerator that maintained its gelatin texture. 
Want to learn more tips and recipes? Join us in our next cooking demo to be held soon at a Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. Please call +632 8634 8587 loc.409 for more details.


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