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Best of Brunch

March 22, 2014 – Brunch is the perfect choice for easy entertaining! And Sub-Zero and Wolf shared some delicious sweet and savory recipes during its recent Best of Brunch culinary demonstration. Held last March 22, 2014 at its exclusive showroom in Makati City, guests were treated to an exceptional selection of brunch classics taught and sampled by corporate chefs Gio Besa and Joyce Santos. The session was a light-hearted gathering between like-minded food lovers who were ready to add brunch recipes to their repertoire!
The first dish to be presented was Roesti – a popular brunch staple consisting mainly of potatoes, with the added ingredient of home-made corned beef. As if potatoes couldn’t get any better, this traditional Swiss dish takes it up a notch! The home-made corned beef was brined for 10 days in the Sub-Zero refrigerator and slow-cooked to perfection with the Wolf Steamer. The result was a soft, juicy, and flavorful dish that definitely made mouths water!
Using Wolf Oven’s Convection Bake mode, the key to evenly distributing heat during baking, the delicious Quiche Lorraine was assembled as a traditional pie. It was oozing with rich ingredients that filled happy tummies. Guests were also shown an interesting way of creating a perfectly poached egg for the Eggs Benedict. This feat was achieved by using the Wolf Steamer. This dish was finished with a generous blanket of Hollandaise sauce that didn’t just look pretty, it also tasted divine!
The full brunch experience didn’t stop there. It continued with a delightful lineup of Sticky Toffee Pudding, Speculoos and Banana Stuffed French Toast, capped off with a refreshing glass of Fresh Strawberry and Oat Smoothie that left everyone blissfully satiated. Surely, there is no better way to start your day than with a lovely and delectable brunch!
Want to learn more tips and recipes? Join us in our next cooking demo to be held soon at a Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. Please call +632 8634 8587 loc.409 for more details.


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