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A Celebration of Legacy: Sub-Zero and Wolf Launch Its Biggest Product Rollout on Its 70th Year Anniversary

November 25, 2015 – Sub-Zero and Wolf, the third-generation, family-owned company and maker of innovative, technologically-advanced luxury appliances, marked another milestone this year as they celebrated their 70th Year Anniversary with a launch of its newest generation of appliances. Its biggest product rollout includes more than 70 appliances engineered to excel in both performance and design.
Sub-Zero and Wolf’s Celebration of Legacy was held at their exclusive showroom in Makati City. Members of the press were present, as well as Focus Global President and Executive Vice President, Stephen and Loli Sy. Chef Myrna Segismundo, renowned chef and an advocate of traditional Filipino cuisines, graced the momentous occasion with an impressive culinary demonstration of American Thanksgiving specials infused with local Filipino flavors.
The celebrity chef, who presently hosts ABS-CBN Lifestyle Network's Fork in the Road, could not contain her passion as she spoke about the art and rigors in cooking. “A chef relies on his skills to achieve the perfect results.” It involves a keen sense of sight, smell, and taste; knowledge on proper and precise temperature needed for each type of dish; the use of fresh ingredients at all times, and so on. If you are not a chef, cooking may overwhelm you. But with Sub-Zero and Wolf, “the skills of a chef are translated through push buttons,” so you can be your own chef every single day.
A 5-kilo Crown of Pork with Roasted Garlic and Stewed Tomatoes, one of Chef Myrna’s Thanksgiving specials, may seem unimaginable to do for an ordinary home cook. But with the Wolf Built-In Oven, simply press the buttons to enable the BAKE Mode and the CONVECTION BROIL Mode (to brown the outer surface of the pork), and you’re all set for perfect results.
Chef Myrna started the show with Fruited Tanguigue Kinilaw, an appetizing dish made of fresh tanguigue fillet sliced sashimi style, coconut vinegar, fresh calamansi juice, ginger, white onions, bagoong balayan and seasonal fruits. It had high praises from the crowd. It burst of colors and flavor, and you can sense that the freshest ingredients were used.
Freshness is very essential in cooking. With the Sub-Zero Refrigerator, which Chef Myrna and her team used in preparation for the event, food indeed stays fresher for longer. It is equipped with NASA-inspired Air Purification System and microprocessor controls that hold temperature within one degree of the temperature you set.
Before Chef Myrna’s culinary demonstration, Focus Global’s designers introduced the guests to Sub-Zero’s Freshness Display. They showed fresh flowers they’ve been keeping in their Sub-Zero for 4 weeks, apples for more than 5 months, and an ice cream without any hint of freezer burn. It is a testament to how Sub-Zero can keep your food at its freshest state with its dual compressor technology.
Chef Myrna then presented another crowd-favorite – her Thanksgiving Turkey. It was brilliantly infused with the local flavors Fresh Guava Sauce, Broccoli and Cauliflower Rice with Chorizos, and Baked Pumpkin. Traditionally, turkey cooks for two to three hours with a regular oven. But with the Wolf Convection Steam Oven, the turkey came out brown and juicy for only 57 minutes! Chef Myrna admittedly had her doubts – how can a turkey be cooked for less than an hour? But through her first-hand experience, Wolf had her believe in its power.
Chef Myrna also presented the Temperature Probe feature of the Wolf ovens. It is a tool that you simply have to insert in the deepest part of the meat, and it will alert you as soon as your dish has roasted to its required internal temperature. Simply put, it eliminates the guesswork in cooking.
Focus Global designers also introduced the new Wolf Coffee System, which can make professional-quality brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato with just a press of a button, at the comforts of your own home. No plumbing is necessary for installation, and only makes use of one touch of a button for easy cleaning. Additionally, milk never enters the system’s internal machinery, so no disassembly is required for cleanup.
As the guests enjoyed their food and coffee, Chef Myrna put on a spectacular show in creating a special dessert – Crepes Flambé with Bananas and Vanilla Gelato. Its use of flambé and vanilla gelato was a representation of the fire and ice in the Sub-Zero and Wolf story.
Born out of innovation and the strong desire to provide the best for the family, Sub-Zero and Wolf have grown and have continuously set the standard in performance for kitchen appliances.


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