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7107 - A Celebration of Local Flavors

April 16, 2016 – Sub-Zero and Wolf celebrated the unique flavors that make up the soul and essential taste of Filipino Cuisine during its cooking demonstration held last April 16, 2016 entitled 7107. Focus Global’s corporate chefs, Chef Joyce Santos and Chef Gio Besa, elevated famous and iconic Filipino dishes with techniques employed through the innovative features of Sub-Zero and Wolf - the preservation and cooking specialists.
For starters, Chef Joyce Santos prepared Kinilaw na Tuna (Ceviche of Tuna) from scratch. With Sub-Zero’s air purification system, delicate dishes like kinilaw prepared with raw tuna are sure to stay absolutely fresh. Chef Gio followed with the main course of Bagnet (Crispy Pork Belly) and Kare-Kare (Sous-vide Tripe and Vegetable Stew). The Bagnet, a classic Filipino favorite, was made perfectly crispy by first using the Dehydrate Mode of the Wolf Oven for 6 hours and then deep-frying the dish until the skin has popped. Chef Gio also prepared the Kare-Kare from scratch. The tripe was cooked to perfection using the Wolf Convection Steam Oven’s Steam mode. Cooked sous vide for 8 hours long, it ensured that the tripe was tender and fully cooked.
And as with all Filipino meals, the demonstration would not be complete without rice. The chefs prepared the popular native snack, Puso, which is rice cooked in woven coconut leaves. The chefs spared no expense to give the guests an authentic experience and had the Puso husks flown-in straight from Cebu.
On the menu for dessert was Tablea Brownies with Kapeng Barako Ice Cream (Native Chocolate Brownies with Liberica Coffee Ice Cream). Valued guests had the opportunity to try and use the Wolf Coffee System to make espresso for the ice cream. They were able to prepare two cups of expertly brewed espresso with just a few push on the buttons of the machine! It was the perfect dessert to end a filling meal that all guests loved.
Want to learn more tips and recipes? Join us in our next cooking demo to be held soon at a Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. Please call +632 8705 9999 for more details.


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