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Mastering the Wolf Convection Steam Oven

February 18, 2017 – A revolutionary appliance that has the power of both convection and steam – that is the Wolf Convection Steam Oven (CSO). Its cutting-edge technology aims not to overwhelm, but rather, to make cooking easier and unlock a brand new world of culinary possibilities. With the desire to arm new owners of the Wolf CSO with proper techniques and basic knowledge, the year's first Wolf CSO Lifestyle Session was conducted at the exclusive showroom of Sub-Zero and Wolf at The Residences at Greenbelt in Makati City. Focus Global’s corporate chefs, Chef Joyce Santos and Chef Gio Besa, prepared a wide array of recipes to highlight the oven’s cooking modes.
The Wolf CSO's ground-breaking ability to combine the power of convection and steam allows you to cook with convection or steam alone, or a combination of both. Because of this, the Wolf CSO brings endless possibilities in cooking. First in line is the Steamed Salmon Salad with Soft-boiled Egg which was demonstrated by Chef Joyce. The Wolf CSO’s Steam Mode was used in achieving the perfect texture for the salmon and soft-boiled egg. The steaming process where the salmon was cooked in hot water vapor made sure that the dish kept its flavor and juices intact. Next up was Tomato Compote demonstrated by Chef Gio. Aside from making the compote itself, Chef Gio showed how versatile the Wolf CSO is. We were not just able to cook the dish, but with the Cleanse Mode, we were able to sterilize the jars for our tomato compote as well.
Midway, Chef Joyce demonstrated preparing Bagels with Farmers’ Ham and Cream Cheese which highlighted the Auto Steam Bake Mode of the Wolf CSO. If you love making bread, then you will love what the CSO can do. Its Auto Steam Bake Mode combines convection and steam technology to achieve professional grade breads with an effortless egg wash shine to it - something manually done even in artisanal bread bakeries. The overall baking process leaves the bagels soft and fluffy on the inside, shiny and crackling on the outside.
Our afternoon wouldn’t be complete without sweet treats. Using the Wolf CSO’s Convection Mode, Chef Gio showed us the wonders of cooking with convection heat alone with the delicious Fruit Tart Amandine.
To finish the session, Chef Joyce gave a quick preview on how easy and convenient it is to operate the Wolf Coffee System while the guests were being served their Iced Espresso.
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