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Prime Rib at Home? Absolutely!

Even the most experienced home cooks will find prime rib roast daunting to attempt in the kitchen. The entire cooking process can be a cumbersome experience, not to mention an expensive mistake if you don't get it right. Restaurant kitchens aren't spared from this notion either — new cooks aren't allowed to handle prime rib to avoid costly errors!
Just how tedious does it get? Imagine slaving away on your kitchen, searing all sides of a big chunk of expensive meat on a hot, hot pan to seal in all the juices. The fun doesn't end there, you'd then have to carefully transfer the hot roast to the oven, and meticulously monitor the prime rib's internal temperature using a meat thermometer that you have to manually check from time to time. You can't be too vigilant, because over-roasting would mean drying out your precious prime rib. The entire thing is such a grand effort, that when it's finally laid on the table for everyone to feast on — it's the unquestionable pièce de résistance!
Want to know how differently it's done with a Wolf M Series Oven? Place your seasoned prime rib roast on your broiler pan, and insert your meat temperature probe. Pop it into the oven, no preheating required. Select Wolf Gourmet Mode, and you're done. No need to input time or temperature, the oven will just let you know when your perfect, effortless prime rib roast is ready.
The magic lies in Wolf's advanced Gourmet Mode. This intelligent program takes care of your prime rib roast from start to finish, mimicking the high heat needed within the first few minutes of your cooking time to achieve the searing effect of pan-frying, then automatically shifting to the more subtle roast mode to carefully finish your dish. Another bonus: the meat temperature probe that comes with all Wolf ovens are connected to your oven's brain. So you don't need to keep on manually checking if the roast has reached the desired internal temperature. Your oven will just beep to let you know when it has.
Recreate that succulent Saturday night steakhouse prime rib at home, with a little encouragement from Wolf’s Chef Coleman and the Gourmet mode on Wolf's M series oven. Watch the video below!
Why don't you go ahead and give it a go with your Wolf M Series Oven? Want to try making our recipe for Prime Rib Roast on your oven? Get the recipe HERE!


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