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A Filipino Holiday Twist

Sub-Zero and Wolf Cooking Demonstration

November 17, 2018 – ‘Tis the season to be Jolly! Once again, Christmas is just around the corner and many are coming home to celebrate the holidays. For us Filipinos, joyous family reunions and get-togethers would not be complete without a bountiful holiday feast on the table. Sub-Zero and Wolf shared exciting new ways to prepare festive Filipino dishes on its recent cooking demonstration entitled A Filipino Holiday Twist. Focus Global’s very own corporate chefs gave away tips and techniques on how to add a twist on a classic dish and find ways to prepare traditional favorites using the advanced features of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.
The first dish demonstrated was the entrée, Lechon-Style Pork Belly – a must-have Pinoy festive dish that is made of pork belly rolled and stuffed with herbs and spices. The home-made Filipino staple was baked with precision using the Wolf’s M Series Oven's Gourmet mode, and finished to perfection with the oven’s Broil mode. The Gourmet mode helped in eliminating the guesswork in cooking as it decided the temperature, time, and rack position while the Broil mode was used to achieve a golden and crisp belly skin. It took just about an hour and a half to finish the dish, and the result was a glorious and mouth-watering holiday centerpiece that was as flavorful and delicious as the Philippines’ famous Cebu-style lechon.
Focus Global’s chefs also cooked Kaldereta Empanada – a reimagined Filipino classic snack – together with the corn needed for Suam na Mais in the Wolf Convection Steam Oven at the same time. The Convection Mode was used to cook these two dishes simultaneously without any transfer of flavors! They then proceeded with the partner for the entrée – Bringhe, a Kapampangan version of Paella– using the Wolf Induction Cooktop and Wolf Convection Steam Oven. The Wolf Induction Cooktop was used to sauté the rice with flavorful spices and ingredients.
Afterwards, it was steamed using the Wolf Convection Oven’s Steam mode which cooked the rice in hot water vapor that kept the Bringhe’s flavors and nutrients intact. While waiting for the entrée to finish, Suam na Mais, the appetizer, was then demonstrated using the Wolf Induction Cooktop. Like all the dishes that came ahead, it was cooked with ease. Desired results were achieved with the precise heat control of the Wolf Induction Cooktop. It can cook with the highest heat when needed, and with the very low heat of the True Simmer setting that is perfect for cooking delicate soups without scorching.
The Filipino Holiday experience didn’t stop there. It continued with a classic Pinoy delicacy with a delicious spin – Piaya à la Mode. Using the Wolf Teppanyaki Grill, it was easy for the corporate chefs to entertain and to create servings for all of the guests with the bridge function of the grill. The bridge function links the two cooking zones and lets the users handle the entire surface area of the grill.
It was then capped off with a heartwarming cup of Tablea Coffee. The chefs showed how convenient it is to produce espresso from bean to cup in the comfort of one’s home with the Wolf Coffee System. The espresso was then mixed with tablea that was cooked using the Wolf Induction Cooktop. Everyone was blissfully satiated. Surely, there is no better way to end a holiday get-together with a warm, soothing cup of fresh Tablea Coffee.
Do you want to learn more tips and recipes? Join us in our next cooking demo to be held soon at a Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. You may call (02) 8705 9999 or message us at @subzerowolfph on Instagram for more details.


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