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Live Freshly with Sub-Zero's Dual Refrigeration System

Since 1945, prolonging freshness has been the single-minded mission of luxury refrigeration brand, Sub-Zero


Have you ever noticed food in your refrigerator developing an odd smell from the food stored in your freezer? That’s because in a typical refrigerator, cold air in your freezer goes down to the refrigerator compartment, which in turn cools the refrigerator section. And when air mixes between the ref and freezer, odors also mix. What’s more is that the mediocre air quality in these two compartments is just not what your food needs.
To maintain optimal food preservation, fresh food such as produce and cheeses needs a storage environment with cool, moist air. The freezer section on the other hand should keep its atmosphere frigid and dry to keep meats longer.
While all refrigerators are designed for cold storage, not all addresses the unique storage requirements different types of food require. And that’s where Sub-Zero exhibits how it’s on a league of its own. Its dual refrigeration system is the ultimate food preservation technology in the market. Two separate cooling systems (two compressors, two evaporators) for the refrigerator and freezer ensure that the two compartments are completely sealed independently, and air between the two will never mix. The result is food lasting fresher for a significantly longer period of time. Sub-Zero pioneered this system in the 1940's, and it continues to advance this simple idea that makes such a big difference in the freshness and flavor of your food.
With 75 years of tradition and innovation, Sub-Zero sets the standard for freshness, serving the needs of the most discerning individuals around the globe. 

KITCHEN CENTERPIECE: Sub-Zero’s classic refrigeration—with its handsome lines, distinctive grille, and sleek stainless finish—is an iconic piece to any kitchen.

36” side-by-side Sub-Zero classic refrigeration unit. Available in a variety of configurations and widths. Check other Classic Refrigeration models HERE.



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