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Tweetie on raising her kids and making her kitchen a stunning family space


Tweetie De Leon-Gonzales is easily one of the most successful women in the country. From being a model to an editor to a jewelry designer and now a business woman and a mom, Tweetie sure has a busy schedule ahead of her. Despite this, she always aims to put her family first by giving her best not in terms of expense but rather the best of her time and the best of her ability as a mom.

As she wants only the best for her family, she is very discerning when it comes to their health. She and her husband, Engr. Mon Gonzales, encourage their children to include fruits and vegetables in their everyday meals. “My husband and I try to maintain a balance as far as their nutrition is concerned," Tweetie shares. "Teaching kids how to eat vegetables could be a challenge but the only way to address that is to make these things available."

Tweetie makes sure her fridge is well stocked with healthy choices, and she makes certain that everything is kept fresh with the help of her Sub-Zero refrigerator. As a mom who wears many hats, Tweetie agrees that Sub-Zero has not only done wonders for their kitchen, it also gets her vote with regard to style. "People can pass by and not notice that it's a fridge. It's like part of the wall or a (piece of) furniture. That’s what I love about the design of my Sub-Zero."

It is no wonder that Tweetie found herself loyal to the brand. Beauty, excellence, and passion are at the core of Tweetie's life and she found the same dedication in her Sub-Zero that not only blends in to perfection – it performs to perfection as well.

"Sub-Zero really caters to the home and to the look of the house. It’s even easy to use. I’m just in love with the appliance," Tweetie shares.

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