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Control from Simmer to Sear

Find out how Wolf Gas Cooktops achieve the whole spectrum of precise heat cooking

Most people assume that when it comes to gas cooking, high heat takes precedence over everything. This isn't always the case. To be able to enjoy the entire suite of a masterful culinary experience, low heat is just as important. And that full range of delicate to powerful heat is something Wolf makes possible with its patented dual-stacked sealed burners.

How does it work? Each burner has a stack of two flame ports, that have individual gas lines. This enables the upper flame ports to deliver maximum heat for restaurant-quality sears and faster boils, while the lower ports are able to turn down heat to just a breath of steady flame, which is perfect for delicate simmers and melting chocolates. Imagine the power you'll yield, playing with this gradient of temperatures.

Watch the video below to see the Dual Stacked Sealed Burners in action! Notice up close how the Wolf gas cooktop plays between powerful high searing heat and gentle simmering flame.

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