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Live Freshly with Sub-Zero's Air Purification System

Luxury refrigeration brand, Sub-Zero, keeps it clean inside and out with a NASA-based air purification system

Many fresh food like apples emit ethylene gas — a natural compound released by ripening fruits, that unfortunately hastens spoilage for other nearby produce. Ethylene gas is a good thing for your sweetening apple, but not for the rest of the fresh food that you store inside your refrigerator. Typical air purification features inside a fridge can do nothing to protect food from this invisible threat. But luxury refrigeration brand, Sub-Zero, does.

To keep your favorite leafy greens at its freshest, Sub-Zero’s antimicrobial air purification system comes into play. It uses technology that’s light-years ahead of the usual charcoal filter system — a system that’s based on NASA technology. In every Sub-Zero refrigerator is a small air purification cartridge, NASA innovation that’s been scaled down to a handy box. Every 20 minutes, it efficiently scrubs the air clean not just of virus, molds and odors, but even ethylene gas. The result? Fresher food for longer.

As the category market leader and industry pacesetter, Sub-Zero doesn’t look to follow what others are doing. They bring the innovations to the field by finding brilliant and effective ways to get something done. For decades, the refrigeration brand has set out to honor fresh food and prolong its value, so it could be enjoyed in homes all over. By achieving optimum humidity, perfect temperature, and advanced air purification, Sub-Zero creates the ideal environment for freshness to thrive.

With 75 years of tradition and excellence, Sub-Zero sets the standard for freshness, serving the needs of the most discerning individuals around the globe

WHERE'S THE REF:Sub-Zero’s designer refrigeration allows your unit to fully disappear into the room’s décor if you choose custom cabinetry and hardware.

36” tall Sub-Zero designer refrigeration unit. Available in a variety of configurations and widths. Check other Designer Refrigeration models HERE.

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