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Whole Meal In, Whole Meal Out

Sit with your guests at dinner parties, instead of slaving away in the kitchen!

Can you imagine cooking up an entire dinner on your own — ready for 10 people, all at the same time? With a Wolf oven in your kitchen, a feat like that would be a breeze!

The 30-inch oven’s capacious interiors lets you enjoy almost 5.1 cubic feet of interior cooking space, which means you could fit as much as 6 dishes all at once. What’s more is that you actually get to enjoy the company of the people you’re having over for a meal, as opposed to just cooking for them.

How? The 6 dishes you popped in the oven — they’ll all be ready at the same time! With Wolf’s Dual Convection System, two fans circulate the heat inside your oven evenly — which means you don’t have to constantly be in the kitchen, flipping your dishes around because you’re worried the food at the bottom rack will cook too fast while the top rack won’t cook fast enough. With Wolf, you simply place your dishes inside the oven, and walk away. That's easy, guesswork-free cooking!

The key is to prep a day ahead and store everything in your fridge. An hour before dinner, pull out everything and just pop it inside your oven. Then you can go back to your living room and enjoy a glass of wine with your friends. Once the oven sounds its alarm, you’ll have a freshly-cooked, warm meal to share with everyone!

Watch Chef Coleman, Wolf’s corporate chef, demonstrate preparing a multitude of dishes all at once in the video below, and see for yourself how slaving away in the kitchen is a foreign concept, when you have Wolf around!

Explore the different models of WOLF OVENS to start your journey to guesswork-free cooking! Plan your dream kitchen by booking a tour of our showroom, or by scheduling an online meeting with our sales designers. Click HERE set an appointment with us.

Explore different dishes you can prepare all at once! Check our recipes page HERE!

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